Our Values and Mission

At Environmental Packaging International, our mission is to use our expertise in packaging and product stewardship to provide high-quality consulting services that advance sustainability.

Our Values

High Quality Service

We take pride in ensuring excellent services, and take responsibility for the quality of our work. As a company, EPI believes in striving for continuous improvement.

We find it important to listen to our clients' needs and client feedback to provide services that are relevant, and we share our insights to proactively identify changes and challenges within our industry to find solutions in a timely fashion.

A Focus on Clients and Value

EPI focuses on our clients' needs to evaluate how we can best benefit them. We help our clients advance their triple bottom line through our guidance and a range of services.

We believe that our internal activities should create value by enhancing our profitability, our reputation and our competitive position.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

We strive to contribute to our industry in a way that advances the dialogue on sustainability. Our company offices, activities and policies reflect our sustainability values. As individuals and as an organization, we aim to make and support decisions that promote environmental integrity.

Talent Development

Our employees have opportunities to increase their skill levels, and they are encouraged to take pride in their work and gain expertise in the industry. Work at EPI provides stimulation, challenge and variety through an assortment of tasks and a range of clients.

Our staff have development opportunities internally and externally, and we believe that employee reviews should facilitate professional development. We support a staff feedback culture that is fair, honest and constructive.

Workplace as a Community

EPI strives for a happy, engaged and motivated workplace morale. Our employees are able to work independently but often collaborate for maximum results.

We maintain a casual yet professional company culture, and we value a company where employees have input into issues that affect them. Our organization is adaptable and flexible, and we respect our employees' need for a healthy work-life balance.

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