EPI will be presenting findings from a collaborative plastics sustainability study

September 28, 2018

In Early November, Victor Bell, President of EPI, will be presenting a full-day workshop for IHS Markit – once in Houston, Texas, and again in London, England.



The workshop will discuss findings from a collaborative special study, “A Sea Change: Plastics pathway to Sustainability.” According to IHS Markit, the study addresses the following key questions:


  • “What is the current and future impact on virgin and PCR plastics demand from sustainability initiatives?

  • How will various end-use demand segments be impacted by sustainability developments?

  • How do global and regional regulatory trends impact plastics demand?

  • What is the potential impact on petrochemical monomer and feedstock demand resulting from plastics sustainability development?

  • How well is PCR supply positioned to satisfy demand? What are the current and future constraints?

  • How do sustainability initiatives affect future plastic prices?

  • How much PCR will be available? Where does it end up and why?”





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