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EPI helps companies navigate a complex compliance landscape.

We offer a full range of customized regulatory tracking, research, compliance management, fee reporting and other services related to the development and implementation of corporate sustainability goals.


Global Regulatory Tracking and Custom Research

As design, labeling and waste recovery regulations change, EPI tracks international legislation tailored to a company’s product lines and markets to help it address new requirements.


In addition to providing an overview of the rules in each jurisdiction, EPI also offers customized research services for clients seeking individualized business advice on any packaging or product stewardship requirements.

Custom Development of Corporate Scorecard Metrics

To track and communicate their progress towards sustainability goals, companies are turning to corporate scorecards as a solution. EPI leads organizations through a discussion of metrics arising from global standards for requirements, key performance indicators, and customer needs to identify the most appropriate solutions for their specific environmental concerns.


In addition to helping with scorecard development to collect necessary data, EPI assists in integrating the results into the packaging and product development process for best results.


Compliance Inventories and Action Plans

Companies who fail to comply with global environmental packaging and product requirements risk fines and penalties, rejection of their products, and publicity of their violations.


EPI can walk clients through a compliance audit, surveying the clients’ international operations, sales affiliates, and dealers to address fee payment, packaging solutions, product label design, and business efficiency issues. EPI then reports on compliance solutions and recommends action plans for sustainable packaging.

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Packaging Design Analysis

Using a suite of packaging design analysis tools, EPI evaluates existing and prototype packaging systems to assess the impact on fees and/or design compliance in relevant markets and identifies opportunities for improvement.


Since the analysis may also examine if packaging labels are suited for the target market, it can assist clients preparing to import products into countries with strict requirements.


Fee Report Optimization

Taking into account a company’s product lines, economic activities in each market and custom packaging and products, EPI applies its knowledge of extended producer responsibility rules in each country to improve report accuracy, minimize fee impacts and evaluate new packaging designs with respect to waste fees to ensure compliance without overpaying.


EPI also provides turnkey database software for fee reporting services.


Labeling Requirements

Complex labeling requirements impact almost any company that packages its products. Product designers must understand where and when they are required to label their packaging with recyclable symbols, environmental symbols, plastic numbers and other packaging labels for disposal and material content.


EPI tracks the various layers of labeling requirements and distills them into detailed, clear instructions for designers.


In addition, EPI has extensive experience reviewing green label claims and providing assessments on current as well as proposed claims.



redipoint® is a cloud-based software solution that assists multinational companies in managing compliance with worldwide EPR reporting requirements by producing packaging and product fee reports for international third-party organizations (TPOs) and government agencies.


In addition to providing compliance software, redipoint® also allows users to track and report upon company-specific environmental benchmarks to gain perspective on the company’s packaging compliance and ecological metrics as a whole.



EPI conducts presentations and workshops for employee training on domestic and international environmental packaging laws, regulations and requirements.


These sessions are useful at many stages, from an initial educational workshop to make clients aware of basic requirements to more specific sessions for the training and development of in-house staff (e.g. design engineers, marketers, financers) in the use of design protocols or the discussion of “next steps” towards compliance.

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