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Packaging Labeling Requirements

Many jurisdictions require labeling of packages. The most common types of labeling are material codes, symbols for sorting/ recycling, and disposal instructions.

There are also requirements at the state level, the EU level, and proprietary symbols required for members of take-back systems.

Labeling requirements for packaging can be confusing to implement. Labeling that is required in one jurisdiction may be voluntary in another market, and may carry no meaning or even be restricted in another. In addition, there are voluntary symbols and ecolabels that may be used to convey information about the environmental attributes of a package or product. Requirements for use may include material specifications/standards, registration, testing, and or payment of fees. Use of these labels and other environmental claims is subject to strict regulations in many jurisdictions.

Types of Environmental Labeling for Packaging

Material Coding Material Coding is required in several countries, but there are many different coding systems in place. There is also a voluntary EU material coding system. EPI will help you meet material coding requirements with a minimum of different symbols.

Recycling Symbols Some are voluntary, some are mandatory, some are considered environmental claims. Many similar symbols are commonly confused by consumers. EPI will review your labeling to ensure that you aren't making unintended statements.

Green Dot The Green Dot is one of the most widely used, and most widely misunderstood logos. It is required in some countries and voluntary in others. Licensing requirements vary by market. Furthermore, the list of countries that use it is changing constantly. EPI will review your packaging for correct use and licensing of this symbol.

Local Labeling Requirements A number of countries have their own required symbols, logos, and codes. EPI will provide you with artwork, standards for use, and guidance on labeling strategies for products that will be sold across multiple regions.

Industry/Proprietary Labeling Wondering about using a symbol that your supplier, association, or customer is suggesting? EPI can help you determine the compliance implications of using additional labeling.

Environmental Claims & Eco-Labeling If you've worked to make your packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, how do you convey this to the consumer? EPI will help you understand the multitude of ecolabelling schemes that exist around the world and determine whether one of them is right for your company. We can also review environmental statements for compliance with applicable trade regulations.






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